Anatomy of a Deployment Configuration

Deployment Configurations, located in configuration.yaml files in sub-directories of the project’s deployments directory, provide a high-level abstraction that, in one file, allows you to describe your cluster hardware and the properties of your desired OKD software configuration at a relatively high level. The OKD orchestrator uses this as a template in order to provision the system for you.

The trade-off by using yet another file format is one of simple verses advanced. You will no-doubt be able to fine-tune and configure your cluster and OKD software in a richer and more powerful environment if you manage the system and its underlying files yourself. But the OKD Orchestrator philosophy is about simplicity rather than advanced features. It’s about rapidly creating (and destroying) simple Virtual Environments (VEs) without having to understand your cloud provider’s provisioning complexities relating to networks, volumes, and machines or the myriad of complex parameters that can be setupo to form a rich and complex OKD platform.

  • The deployment file is a text file, a YAML file that provides you with an environment where you can document your configuration as well as define it

  • The file consists of three sections: -

    • A section used to define the VE hardware (the cluster section)

    • A section used to define the OKD software (the okd section)

    • An optional section used to define pre-allocated hardware when working with custom/bare-metal installations (the my_machines section) 1

Rather than go into detail here, and risk breaking the do not repeat yourself rule, the documentation relating to the format and content of the deployment configuration can be found embedded in the built-in compact-aws-frankfurt-3-11 configuration.

For a detailed discussion of the configuration file format and the settable parameters please refer to deployments/compact-aws-frankfurt-3-11/configuration.yaml.



If you are using the OKD Orchestrator to deploy the cloud hardware the my_machines section is not used