Building the Docker Image

Building the official image

The official image is built using docker-compose and documented in the docker-compose.yml file. To build (and then push) the latest image run:

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose push

To build (and then push) the official stable image run:

$ IMAGE_TAG=stable docker-compose build
$ IMAGE_TAG=stable docker-compose push

Building your own image

The official image used for the container to create your cluster is available on Docker Hub and should work with MacOS and Unix.

The container image runs as the built-in user okdo using User and Group IDs of 40000.

As the OKD Orchestrator working directory of your clone or fork of this project is expected to be mounted within the container as a volume you may have permission issues with some flavours of unix.

To get around this you can build your own container image using the script in the project root. This script builds the container image using the okdo user but with User and Group ids that match yours:


Once built you can then use the project’s script from the project root to use your personalised copy of the image.