Running Without Docker

Although the orchestrator is designed to run from inside a convenient Docker container you don’t have to. The orchestration code is written in Python and relies on a Unix-like operating system 1 so you can run the it directly from the root of a clone (or fork) of this repository. You simply need to ensure that your environment is similar to the container’s. That is: -

  1. Python 3 (ideally 3.6 or 3.7). Optionally installed via a virtual environment or with Conda.

  2. The requirements from requirements.txt from the root of this project

  3. If you want to build documentation and run the travis-like tests you will also need the requirements from build-requirements.txt

  4. Packer (we currently use v1.3.3), and available on your PATH

  5. Terraform available on your PATH. Check any file in the terraform director as it specifies the required_version. The same version is used by all providers.

  6. You will need some standard tools such as ssh and ssh-keygen

Once the tools are installed you should be able to run and from the root of the project.



Sadly running without Docker requires a Unix-like operating system and so Windows is not currently supported